Round Raised Bed Garden Kit in any location

The Pi-Garden blends together two popular gardening systems, square foot gardening and container gardening, and puts them in an innovative round design that is totally self-supporting.

Vegetable Round Raised Bed Garden

• Round Raised Bed Garden is totally self-supporting
• Quick, Easy & Economical to install
• Use as Victory Garden or Community Garden
• Poor soil? No soil? No Matter!
• Roof, Patio or Balcony Container Garden
• Round means easy navigation - no corners!

Square Foot Gardening™ is the practice of making small intensively planted gardens. The gardener can concentrate on the soil mix, watering schedule, composting etc of each individual garden suited to what they want to grow in them, which makes for intensive, efficient crop yield. Container Gardening is the practice of planting in containers filled with your own mix of soil, so that gardens can be made where the soil is poor, or even where there is no soil, such as patios, roof gardens, pathways... It is also helpful for people with disabilities as the gardens are at a height you can reach more easily without so much stooping, or sit on a chair.

The Pi-Garden round raised bed takes these principles to a new level. The round shape is completely self-supporting once filled with soil, like a Doughboy Pool™ is when filled with water, so you can just take the panels, bolt them together, and drop the circular shape wherever you want a garden. Fill it and plant it, it is that easy.

Unlike some other raised bed gardens, the Pi-Garden is a full 12 inches deep so that roots have plenty of room to grow even if you put the raised bed on a hard surface.

Use it as a Victory Garden to grow vegetables for your table and to share or swap with your friends. And with your Pi-Garden, you will avoid the toxic pesticides found in many store bought foods. Put up several as a Community Garden; the Pi-Garden raised bed container garden is perfect for locations with bad soil conditions and can also be set up directly onto pavement.

Pi-Gardens Raised Bed Garden Irrigation PipingPut up one on your patio or balcony and have fresh produce where no garden ever was.... Tuck a small one into an unusable space in your garden to have fresh herbs for cooking.

The possibilities are endless......

Whether you want a small vegetable garden tucked behind your flower bed, or a commercial enterprise container garden set up in a concrete yard, or are concerned with food supply and security, the Pi-Garden is the most economical way to enjoy the benefits of raised bed gardening.

The Pi-Garden is your answer to lower cost when compared to other raised bed garden options. This innovative container garden has no stakes or other support systems. And because it is round, it has no hard-to-reach corners like square foot gardens.

The heavy duty plastic Pi-Garden is made from recycled and recyclable high density polyethylene (HDPE). The wall thickness is a generous 1/8 inch to provide a strong, stiff and robust structure. The smooth walls also help discourage critters who may want to snack on your vegetables. 

Round Raised Bed Side PanelsUse as a roof Pi-Garden (check first of course that your roof is strong enough, use a light well-draining media, and pay attention to drainage). 

Poor soil or no soil? Simply install your Pi-Garden in any unproductive area and fill with the media of your choice. It will also make the perfect compost pile for whatever size you need. 

Our Pi-Garden kit contains 14 feet by 12" high of wall which forms an approximately four and a half feet diameter container garden with approximately 16 square feet of growing space, equivalent to a 4x4 foot square garden. All fasteners are included. If you want a smaller garden, you can set up your raised bed with an overlap to make a small garden dedicated to, say, a selection of mints or thymes; simply drill three holes where the new overlap is desired.

Pi-Gardens Raised Bed Garden Irrigation Piping

The Pi-garden is beautifully adapted for drip feed irrigation. Our optional kit is a round feeder tube around the inside edge of the garden, this loop is connected together with a tee so it is fed from both ends.

Radial tubes can be fed from this using tees or spaghetti tube to individual plants. Soaker hose and mini sprinklers may also be used - the options are endless and open to your imagination.

The round design is also superior for the many accessories that can be added to the garden, for example: bean pole tee pees, hoop structure for plant support, or tents (bird net, shade net or plastic for frost protection), and many more. 

Optional Accessories

Include spare parts, weed mat circles, string support eyes, irrigation kits, hoop system and various plant covers.  

Media, Soil or Dirt

The standard garden requires approximately 13 cubic feet (1/2 cu yd) of media to fill it. 


Set it and forget it! This is the easiest system I have ever set up for raised bed gardening. It falls into place so easily when you fill it up.

I set up four in half an hour, planted my plants and within two weeks was already harvesting my basil, tarragon and oregano. My next projects are a compost heap, and a snail (escargot) farm! Kris, San Diego

I dedicated two to heirloom tomatoes and got a bumper crop as I was able to adjust the watering for their needs. And my mint garden is overflowing... Christine, Winchester


Pi-Gardens simple design requires minimal tools.

Installation Tools for the Pi-Garden kit


Installation made easy. Kits come with instruction manual.

Pi-Garden Galvanized building panels


Add an optional Weedmat to your Round Raised Bed Garden.

Add the Weedmat to Pi-Garden


Fill the Pi-Garden with approximately 13 cubic ft (1/2 cubic yard) of your selected media

Any media can fill your Pi-Garden